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La Center School Board

Cris Yaw

Cris Yaw

Joined the School Board in 2007.

Represents Position # 1 (yellow area on map) which is the City of La Center.

Ms. Yaw’s contact information:
Phone:  281-8130

Todd Jones

Todd Jones

Joined the School Board in 2010.

Represents Position # 2 (green area on map) which is the southern part of the district.

Mr. Jones’ contact information:
Phone:  263-3011

Win Muffett

Win Muffett

Joined the School Board in 2017.

Represents Position # 3 (orange area on map) which covers the central/eastern part of the district.

Mr. Muffett’s contact information:

Phone:  263-3745


Wendy Chord

Wendy Chord

Joined the School Board in 2008.

Represents Position # 4 (blue area on map) which is the central/western part of the district.

Ms. Chord’s contact information:
Phone:  263-1968

Eric Lindberg

Eric Lindberg

Joined the School Board in 2015.

Represents Position # 5 (red area on map) which covers the northern part of the district.

Mr. Lindberg’s contact information:
Phone:  263.6116

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At their May 27, 2014 regular meeting, the La Center School Board approved the following Executive Limitations policies.  These policies (EL-1 through EL-9) replace polices EL-1 through EL-18.

EL-1 Board Relations
EL-1 Monitoring Report
EL-2 Community Relations
EL-2 Monitoring Report
EL-3 Staff Relations
EL-3 Monitoring Report
EL-4 Business & Finance
EL-4 Monitoring Report
EL-5 Educational Leadership
EL-5 Monitoring Report
EL-6 Staff Evaluations
EL-6 Monitoring Report
EL-7 District Improvement Plans
EL-7 Monitoring Report
EL-8 Student Conduct & Discipline
EL-8 Monitoring Report
EL-9 Student, Parent, Teacher Feedback
EL-9 Monitoring Report

Executive Limitations (Prior to April 1, 2014)

GP-1 Governance Commitment & Beliefs
GP-2 Governing Style
GP-2-E Board Self-Assessment
GP-2-E1 Legal Status & Organization
GP-2-E2 Election of Members
GP-2-E3 Board Member Vacancy
GP-2-E4 Application for Board Appointment
GP-2-E5 Organization of Board Members
GP-2-E6 Officers of the Board
GP-3 Board Job Description
GP-4 Monitoring Board Policies
GP-5 Chair’s Role
GP-6 Board Advisory Committee Principles
GP-7 Advisory Committee Structure
GP-8 Agenda Planning
GP-8-E Annual Board Agenda
GP-9 Code of Conduct
GP-10 Covenants
GP-11 Conflict of Interest
GP-12 Reimbursement of Expenses
GP-13 Process for Addressing Violations

B/SR-1    Board Superintendent Connection

B/SR-2    The Board Acts as a Unit

B/SR-3    Accountability of the Superintendent

B/SR-4    Delegation to the Superintendent

B/SR-5    Monitoring Superintendent Performance

B/SR-5 ENDS    Monitoring Response Document

B/SR-5 MEANS  Monitoring Response Document

B/SR-6    Annual Summative Evaluation of Superintendent

School Board Boundary Maps