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Policy 2125

Health, Family Life and Sex Education

Health, family life, sex education and human sexuality including information about parts of the body, the study of the anatomy and the physiology of human reproduction, and characteristics or qualities that distinguish between maleness and femaleness may be included in the instructional program as appropriate to the grade level and course of study. Interested parents and community groups shall be encouraged to become involved in the planning, development, evaluation and revision of any instruction in sex education and human sexuality offered as a part of the school program. Parents may ask to review the materials to be used and may, in writing, request that their child be excluded from sex education and human sexuality classes.

The superintendent shall distribute forms to parents who wish to exercise this right. Students who are excused shall be provided alternative educational opportunities.

Cross Reference:
Board Policy 2020 Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials
Board Policy 2126 AIDS Prevention Education

Legal References:
WAC 180-50-140 Sex Education



La Center School District Adopted: June 26th, 2007