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New Student Registration - La Center School District


WA State schools have changed the way they collect immunization records and comply with immunization rules. The new changes took effect beginning with the 2020-21 school year.

All students:

  • Must be up to date on immunizations
  • Must be in conditional status
  • Must have valid exemptions prior to the first day of classes even if school starts up virtually.

If your child is up to date on immunizations and has been enrolled in the district prior to August 1st, no action is necessary.

Effective August 1, 2020, these three major changes went into effect:

  • All new immunization records from students need to be medically verified.
  • The definition of “conditional status” has been clarified.
  • The Tdap vaccine requirement for 6th graders has been changed to a 7th grade requirement.
  • There will no longer be a 30 day grace period to provide immunization records.

Details of the changes and definitions can be found at: 

If you have questions, please contact your school or health care provider.

New and returning students who live within La Center School District boundaries are registered online.  Follow the instructions below to register your student. 

For families new to the district, you will need to request a login and password for the Skyward system.  Please click the button below to register for a login and password:   


Once you have submitted the information for an account, you will receive an email with your login and password and a link to log in to the Skyward system.  The Skyward link is also listed below and is on the top toolbar of the District’s website. Choose the New Student Online Enrollment tab to enroll your student(s).   Please have required documentation ready to upload.  See below for required documentation.  

For families that have already had Skyward access in the La Center District,  log into Skyward using this link:  Skyward You will need your login and password.

Then choose the New Student Online Enrollment tab to enroll your student.

Required Documents for Enrollment 

Print the entire packet, fill out and scan and submit electronically on the Skyward system.  If you are not able to scan and/or attach, you may bring copies of these documents to your child’s school after completing the online registration.


  1. Legal Birth Certificate– must be a state-issued birth certificate. If you do not have one and your student was born in the state of Washington, visit the Washington State Department of Health for more information on obtaining one. To register for kindergarten, children must turn 5 by September 1 of the school year.**
  2. Residency Verification Declaration Form (SP) (RU– (with 2 supporting documents-scan and save each item separately)
  3. Student Records Request Form (SP) (RU)
  4. Student Housing Questionnaire (SP) (RU)
  5. Student Health History Form (SP) (RU) – Students with life-threatening health conditions will need an Individualized Health Plan before starting school.
  6. Family Emergency Plan (SP) (RU)
  7. Authorization for Administration of Medication (SP) (RU)- Only for students that require medication (prescription or over the counter) to be administered during the school day.
  8. Home Language Survey (SP) (RU) (Other Languages)
  9. Certificate of Immunization Status (SP)  (RU)  or Certificate of Exemption  (SP) (RU) A signed form must be on file with the school office. For more information on required vaccines, visit the Washington State Department of Health website. This website offers MyIR for secure online management of family immunization records including access to print your child’s CIS. 
  10. For students with a custody order, parenting plan or restraining order currently in effect, legal papers must be provided to the school office.

**For more information on age qualifications and placement, see policy 3110.

For questions regarding registration, please contact the school that your child will attend. 

Grades P-5    La Center Elementary School                            360-263-2134

Grades 6-8    La Center Middle School                                    360-263-2136

Grades 9-12  La Center High School                                        360-263-1700

Home School Academy, Ruth Schrock                                    360-263-2131 ext. 2130*

*To enroll in the Home School Academy, please contact Ruth Schrock before completing online enrollment.