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Elementary School Attendance Line


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Dear La Center Elementary Families,

I look forward to sharing with you the incredible journey of elementary education.  As a staff, we pledge to provide the best possible experience to all children.  Our team will continue to strive for the quality and connection that has made LCES an integral part of the community.

As a principal, I work to ensure a safe, caring environment and to provide students with a focused classroom setting — leading to academic growth and achievement.  I believe that every child is capable and significant, that each individual can contribute, and has the right to be understood.  As a team, our staff will do our best to meet the needs of every child, every day.

We invite you to join us as partners in the education of your child.  A vital commitment between school and home allows our children to reach their full potential. You can take an active role in student learning by working with your child’s teacher, supporting school activities, volunteering in your child’s classroom, and joining the La Center Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTO).  We welcome your involvement, assistance and insight.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at 360-263-2134.  I look forward to working with you this year.  Again, welcome back to school!

Mike Nolan, PK-2 Principal

La Center Elementary School

As you may know, we have been working to improve our morning (before school) supervision and students getting to their correct locations in a timely manner.  We have tried some changes and today have our plan moving forward for the school year.  Our plan is as follows:
-As in the past, morning supervision starts at 8:00 each day in the bus area, horseshoe drop off/pick up area, the playground, and the cafeteria.
-The field side of campus will not open up until 8:10 each day, when students will be invited into classrooms.
-Students coming on campus will be allowed to either go to the playground or the cafeteria for breakfast.  We will no longer gather outside the office.
-Tasha will now be stationed and supervising between the elementary gym and the music portable from 8:00 until unlocking doors for main building entry for students at 8:10.
-There will be signage in the old bell area near the football field showing the cafeteria and playground options.
-Students may go to the office when needed by walking the cafeteria route from the bus area.
-We will continue our extra staff supervision of moving areas through the second week of school.
-We will be ready with inclement weather options of cover with our playshed, the covered area outside Mrs. Crandall’s room, and the glass side of the cafeteria if needed.
5/1/20 Message Regarding Teacher/Student Engagement

May 1, 2020

Dear Bobcat Families,

During our Modified Distance Learning, we’ve been constantly looking at how to more effectively serve our students and their families.  It is vitally important that we all engage in the work to the best of our abilities.  During the school closure, weekly “engagement” can mean completing packets or online lessons, participating in a Zoom class meeting, or a parent response to email or phone calls.

Our staff is striving to work with every student to provide access to learning materials and lessons. Regardless of the type of access you may have, please show effort and continue the learning process to help prepare your children for their next grade level.  Students should provide evidence of learning when and where directed by the teacher – whether that’s online or on paper.

It is vitally important for students and families to communicate with their teachers on a regular basis. Please ask for any help necessary to engage in the learning opportunities provided. We will work just as hard on our end to provide what you need.  The state is requiring that we document student engagement.  For that reason, each Monday, teachers will note those students who did not engage with learning during the previous week.

Thank you for supporting your students and our school community.  Stay healthy and keep communicating with your teachers!



Mike Nolan, P-2 Principal

Scott Lincoln, 3-5 Principal

La Center Elementary – Instruction during School Closure

Update:  March 31, 2020

Dear LCES Families – We hope you and your children are staying well.  The uncertainties of the last two weeks have been challenging for all of us.  We’ve been following State guidelines that initiated with “no school” and moved to “enrichment.”  We are now transitioning to a “modified instructional” approach as a bridge until school reopens.

Starting Monday, April 6, teachers will provide lessons to students via “modified distance learning.” The general guidelines for the lessons are that they be meaningful, accessible, and expected of all students. The objective is to start small with only one lesson per subject per week and gradually increase the demand. Please understand that this is a new system.  We will react to and adjust as we observe the work our students are able to do and master on this new platform.

Suggested schedule to provide for flexibility at home:

Monday Monday-Thursday Thursday/Friday
Receive and begin lessons for Reading, Writing and Math. Includes lessons for Art, Music and PE (K-5) – along with Student Success (K-3). Complete lessons Resource teachers contact Special Education students to provide support/modifications. Teacher contact via email or phone

Special Education students.  Classroom teachers will send lessons to each student. Special education case managers will contact Special Education students to provide support and lesson adaptations.

Students without digital access.  The elementary building will have classified personnel assigned to come in and copy packets of lessons to mail/distribute to families without internet.

Chromebook Distribution.  If your family is in need of a Chromebook, please fill out a Chromebook Request Form.

Our teachers will work to identify learning objectives that are the most critical for our students, and make those objectives the primary focus.  We recognize that we will only be able to address a portion of the remaining objectives had we remained the classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding as our team works together to further your child’s education.  We value and appreciate your support at home.  And we certainly miss sharing smiles, stories, and interacting in person with your children.

Best regards,

Scott Lincoln, 3rd-5th Principal                       Michael Nolan, P-2 Principal

La Center Elementary                                          La Center Elementary


These online enrichment resources have been chosen by the ES staff and leadership. 

COVID-19/Coronavirus Information

School will be closed for the remainder of the school year at the direction of the Governor.

4/13/20 Personal and Instructional Item Pickup Procedures (April 20-24th)

La Center Elementary – Personal and Instructional Item Pickup Procedures (April  20-24th)

April 13, 2020
Dear Bobcat Families,

On behalf of our teachers and staff, we hope this letter finds you and your family doing well and in good health. We have developed a plan to provide students and families with needed instructional and personal items. As directed by the state, even though the building is closed, learning at home will continue.  The goal is to send home the majority of items (school supplies, textbooks, workbooks) needed for instruction/work completion. If you choose not to pick up items, we will store them until a future distribution date or when school begins.

Working in their individual classrooms, using appropriate protection, teachers and staff will gather items in bags – including instructional materials they believe will be useful at home. Bags will be labeled with teacher and student names.

Pick-Up by Last Name: 8:30-10:30 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m.
April 20: A-D

April 21: E-J

April 22: K-N

April 23: O-T

April 24: U-Z

During the pickup process, the driver will be asked to show identification, and all occupants will remain in their vehicles. Staff will be following recommended safety procedures such as wearing masks and gloves. Thanks to our local Lions Club and other community members for making masks for our team. For those families that may need the return of medication kept at school (such as EpiPens), our nurses will be available during pick-up. When you place your “order,” tell the staff member you are also picking up a medication. One of the nurses will meet you in the designated zone after you pick up student items at the curb. Staff members will be directing traffic.

Pick-up Procedures:

  • Parents/guardians will enter the middle school parking lot (not the uphill driveway) where the buses enter from 4th Street.
  • Staff will be waiting outside the north middle school hallway entrance (by the MS gym) to take “orders” from cars.
  • A staff member will speak with the driver to receive the “order” and check identification.
  • Driver tells the staff member the name of student(s).
  • Driver will be directed to pull ahead to the pick-up zone (the horseshoe area in front of the school).
  • The same staff member takes the “order form” into the building to get items, and then meets the driver in the horseshoe area.
  • To respect social distancing the staff member will set items at the curb near the vehicle for the driver to load.

Families are responsible to care for and return textbooks or other school-based printed materials. As is typical, lost or damaged items will be subject to fines and/or the cost of replacement.

We cannot accept “goodbye gifts,” library books, or books loaned by classroom teachers. Instructional items (such as textbooks, Chromebooks) will be collected at a later date, to be determined. “Lost and Found” clothing will remain for a future pick up.

Thank you for partnering with us to support our students. We value working with your children and family, and look forward to gathering with our learning community when school begins again in our building.

Best regards,

Scott Lincoln, 3rd-5th Principal                       Michael Nolan, P-2 Principal

La Center Elementary                                          La Center Elementary

4/7/20 School Closure for the Remainder of the Year

April 7, 2020

Subject: Schools Closed for the Remainder of 2019-2020 School Year

Dear Families,

As you may have heard, Governor Inslee has made the decision to close schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. This closure is an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe and healthy. During this closure extension, all schools in the district will remain closed.

We understand that the continued closure of schools presents many challenges for students and families. It also raises many questions. The information outlined below is what we know now. We will continue to share further guidance as decisions are made and as information becomes available.

  • Distance Learning: Distance learning will continue through the remainder of the school year. We know families have many questions about how this extended closure will affect every area of K-12 education, including students’ grades and GPAs, diplomas and graduations, and students’ overall learning progress. We are working hard to develop and share information that addresses those questions based on guidance from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. We will share updates as soon as we have them and decisions are made based on that
  • Technology: If your child needs a chrome book, you may request one by going to this link on our home page and filling out the form. You will then be contacted by our technology
  • Nutrition Services: We will continue to provide meals to students weekdays 11:30- 1:00 pm outside the middle school
  • High School Seniors: High school seniors will receive support from teachers, counselors and administrators on opportunities to earn credits needed for graduation and postsecondary transitions. We will be working closely with the state’s college system to ensure smooth transitions to the student’s next educational
  • Graduation Ceremonies: In-person graduation ceremonies may change to virtual ceremonies and/or may be A final decision related to graduation ceremonies will be shared by May 6th.
  • School Activities: All school events, including sporting practices and matches, field trips, dances, will be canceled during the extended school closure. We will be engaging with students to come up with creative alternatives to celebrate historically significant milestones. In some cases, special events may be postponed until summer. We will keep students and families updated on these decisions so that you can plan your participation in advance.
  • Summer School: We are awaiting information from Governor Inslee on whether school facilities will be open to provide any type of school over the
  • Personal items, text and workbooks: Each school will be making arrangements for students and families to collect personal items from lockers and desks along with obtaining needed text and workbooks. This information will be shared and arrangements made in the next few

More information can be found on the district website. If you have questions, you may reach out to your building principal or the district office. Please continue to take good care of yourselves and your families. This is a difficult time for all of us, but we will get through it together.


Dave Holmes, Superintendent La Center School District