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Employee Benefits

La Center School District offers a variety of benefit options to eligible employees including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement plans, and participation in VEBA.
Detailed plan information and enrollment instructions for medical, dental and vision insurance and optional benefits are located in the SEBB Information and Enrollment Guide on this page.
For further information regarding our full-range of employee benefit plans, including enrollment options and instructions, please contact Connie Majors ( in the district office @ 263-2131.


403(b) Retirement Planning
Approved Service Providers

AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC)  1-888-569-7055

Aspire Financial Services  1-866-634-5873

GWN/Employee Deposit Acct  1-866-650-0132

Lincoln Investment Planning  1-800-242-1421 ext. 4500

Orion Portfolio Solutions, LLC (Formerly FTJ FundChoice)  1-800-379-2513

Security Benefit  1-800-888-2461

The Legend Group/ADSERV  1-877-819-7455

Naming Your Life Insurance Beneficiaries

If you haven't already done so, please consider completing your MetLife Beneficiary form at your earliest convenience.  On January 1, 2020, all benefits-eligible employees will be enrolled in basic life insurance via MetLife. The beneficiary form should be completed...

Now that you’ve enrolled in SEBB, what’s next?

Good Afternoon, Thank you to everyone who has successfully enrolled in SEBB.  As of this morning, nearly 90% of our staff have made their coverage elections!     Next Steps:   1.  Print your Summary of Coverage Elections & retain for your records 2.  Designate...

How to Enroll in Optional Supplemental LTD

A screenshot below indicates how to enroll in supplemental long-term disability insurance.  It's just a two-step process: 1.  Click "Supplemental Coverage" tab 2.  Click Begin enrollment in supplemental LTD The chart of your monthly premiums is listed on the same...

Dependent Verification Message from SEBB

If you believed that your dependents were already verified by SEBB, but received a letter in the mail stating that your dependent verification was denied, please read the following notice from SEBB: Dependent verification letters It has come to our attention that some...

Confirming coverage elections in SEBB My Account

Once you have made your coverage elections in SEBB My Account, you may wish to confirm your elections. Make and view your benefit elections You can use the “Coverage Elections” tab on the SEBB My Account dashboard to make and view your benefit elections. Learn more on...