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Date: 4/04/14


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Apr. 17 Field trip

Apr. 29 MSP testing day 1


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4th grade math power standards

4th grade math standards checklist

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Math- Key concepts studied in math:

·       Comparing fractions (>, <, =)

·       Ordering fractions from least to greatest

·       Writing and converting mixed numbers and improper fractions

·       Finding fractional parts of a set

·       Identifying equivalent fractions

·       Writing, representing, and speaking decimals

·       Multi-digit multiplication review


Language Arts- Key concepts studied in writing and reading:

·       Writing both narrative and expository pieces

·       Practicing the revising and editing process

·       Using a thesaurus to find synonyms for our writing

·       Focus skill is currently theme and fact/opinion

·       Reading aloud to improve fluency

·       Reading comprehension and providing text based answers to show understanding

·       Figurative Language



Social Studies- Key concepts studied in Social Studies:

·       Explore the growth of Northwest Coastal and Plateau tribes

·       Investigate early sea and land explorers


Science- We will be starting a unit on rocks and minerals after the break.  We are currently studying measurement conversions.  The electricity and magnetism science fair was fantastic.  Thank you for all of your help and patience while your child built their project.  Every project was very well put together and I’m sure there was a great deal of learning that occurred as a result.



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