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New Middle School Construction Progress

Ground Water Monitoring

Installation of ground water monitoring piezometers (An instrument used for measuring the pressure of a liquid or gas. Piezometers are often placed in boreholes to monitor the pressure or depth of groundwater.) on the new Middle School Site.

Along with the analysis of the soils, this work will provide the Geotechs the data they need to ensure that the ground the school stands on will be able to properly hold the school and to predict and fix any drainage issues on the site.

NEWMS Ground Water Monitoring 4-19-18 2 NEWMS Ground Water Monitoring 4-19-18 2 NEWMS Ground Water Monitoring 4-19-18 2

Humble Beginnings – The Test Pit

Geo-engineers have begun digging the test pits for installation of water and soil monitoring devices. Eight-to-ten pits will be dug and then filled back in to prepare for the monitoring equipment.

NEWMS Geoengineering Test Pit April2018

NEWMS Geoengineering Test Pit April2018

NEWMS Geoengineering Test Pit April2018

NEWMS Geoengineering Test Pit April2018

Geotechnical Engineering & Archaeology Firms Start Working This Week

On Thursday (April 12th), Columbia West Geotechnical Engineers met with Keith Bloom of ESD112 Construction Services Group to discuss where the soil and water test pits will be dug next week.  On Friday, Archaeological Investigations Northwest Inc. will do a walking study of the areas where Columbia West is going to dig.  Next week, they will also be shovel digging a few test pits.

ESD112’s Construction Services Group (CSG) works with School Districts to help walk us through the amazingly complicated process of constructing a school, they’ve already done a great deal of work with us to guarantee that we could hit the ground running once the bond passed in February.

Geotechnical Engineering studies are important for many reasons.  The two biggest data-points their reports will provide are: 1) What types of soil are on the site and 2) How water runs-off and collects.  It’s important to know the types of soil in order to know what steps need to be taken in order to ensure the ground underneath the new school is properly fortified to hold the building’s weight.  By knowing how the water is retained and how it runs off of the property, the architects can plan and design for proper storm water run-off– a crucial step in our climate.

Archaeological studies are required in order to ensure that no culturally important artifacts are being overlooked or destroyed in the process of building the school.

School Board Chooses Architecture Firm

After an extensive selection and review process that initially included more than a dozen firms, there were six who submitted Statements of Qualification to the District.  The six firms were then narrowed to three after the executive committee worked through a comprehensive, rubric-driven review of the architecture firm’s submissions.  The three finalists were invited to present to the school board on Tuesday (April 10th).  After a couple of rounds of informal voting, the Board chose to go with NAC Architecture.  The contract is currently being negotiated.  NAC is based in Spokane and Seattle, but has experience working in Clark County.  You can learn more about them HERE.  Once contracting is finalized, things are really going to get moving, so watch this space!

And So It Begins…

By now, you have heard that the Bond to build a new La Center Middle School passed with nearly 66% of the vote–thank you again to all who partipated!

Now the real work begins!

This blog will be used to keep YOU, the parents, students and community of La Center up to date with the various stages of site preparation, design and construction of the NEW La Center Middle School.  It is our hope that this record will give you a glimpse into the hard work the District (in combination with numerous teams of construction professionals) is doing to build the new school.



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Educational Specifications

Schematic Design

Design Development

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