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La Center Middle School

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Normal School Hours M,T,Th,F: 8:25am-2:55pm Wed. 9:25am-2:55pm

700 E. 4th St.  La Center, WA  98629

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Austad, Andrea (7th-8th Math)LINK
Brightbill, Tammy (6th LA & History)LINK
Broten, Janice (7th-8th LA & Leadership)LINK
Brothers, Miranda (8th Science  7/8th Reading Assistance )LINK
Brothers, Todd (7th-8th History)LINK
Calabrese, Perry (5th-8th Band & Keyboarding)LINK
Cripe, Laurie (7th Science)LINK
Grotte, Jason (6th-8th Math)LINK
Hollopeter, Kim (7th-8th LA)LINK
Holmes, Stephanie (6th Math, 7th-8th Tech)LINK
Krem, Kristen (Guidance)LINK
Lindsey, Carrie (Special Ed)LINK
Manning, Joe (7th Language Arts/Academic Prep)LINK
Pankiewicz-Waldram, Aften (FCRC Coor.)LINK
Pritchett, DeWayne (7th-8th History)LINK
Schneider, Amanda (6th-7th Math/Science)LINK
Schneider, Kristy (6th Science/Robotics, 7th-8th Engineering)LINK
Shucka, Walt (7th Math, 8th Algebra & Geometry)LINK
Slinkard, Rhonda (5th-8th Choir, 7th-8th Drama)LINK
Thiessen, Daniel (Middle School Counselor)LINK
Totten, Mark (6th Science, 7th Health)LINK
Uhlemeyer, Paige (MS Counselor)LINK
Westerberg, Warren (6th History, 6th-8th Art)LINK
Whelchel, Shae (6th-7th LA)LINK

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited about the new school year and look forward to working with our students and staff to make it a great experience. This is my fourth year as principal at La Center Middle School, after working at La Center High School for eight years as the associate principal. It’s going to be so much fun! My background includes a bachelors degree in health education from the University of Oregon and a masters degree in educational leadership from Washington State University.

La Center Middle School is a place where learning environments are student centered, supportive and conducive to producing self-reliant, life-long learners. We strive to create learning environments where students can take ownership of their learning and be an active participant in the learning process.

We support a whole child approach, and value the balance of developing academic achievements alongside the personal and social skills necessary to be a happy and contributing member of a rapidly changing and diverse society.

You are welcome to come in or call for anything. Your continued support is vital for the success of our students and we welcome your feedback. La Center is such a great community. We all look forward to working with you and your families.

Lauri Landerholm,
Middle School Principal

La Center Middle School

Home of the Hawks

LCMS Hawks LogoLa Center Middle School will provide for its family a safe place where nurturing, acceptance, understanding, and respect go hand-in-hand with academic success and opportunities for personal growth.

Middle School Drama Club Photo
MS Drama Club
Spotlight on our student actors!
Stuff the Bus 2017
Stuff the Bus 2017
MS Students donated 3400 pounds of food this year!
Middle School Choir 2017
Middle School Choir 2017
Our students love to sing!
Cispus 2017
Cipsus 2017
Having fun at Cispus
Cispus 2017
Cispus 2017
So tired!
Laser Cut Ornaments
Laser Cut Ornaments
MS Students made ornaments for the Governor's Christmas Tree this year!
Meals on Wheels Senior Interview
Meals on Wheels Senior Interviews
Mrs. Whelchel's 6th graders interviewed Seniors for biographical sketches.