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Morning (Before School) Supervision
As you may know, we have been working to improve our morning (before school) supervision and students getting to their correct locations in a timely manner.  We have tried some changes and today have our plan moving forward for the school year.  Our plan is as follows:
-As in the past, morning supervision starts at 8:00 each day in the bus area, horseshoe drop off/pick up area, the playground, and the cafeteria.
-The field side of campus will not open up until 8:10 each day, when students will be invited into classrooms.
-Students coming on campus will be allowed to either go to the playground or the cafeteria for breakfast.  We will no longer gather outside the office.
-Tasha will now be stationed and supervising between the elementary gym and the music portable from 8:00 until unlocking doors for main building entry for students at 8:10.
-There will be signage in the old bell area near the football field showing the cafeteria and playground options.
-Students may go to the office when needed by walking the cafeteria route from the bus area.
-We will continue our extra staff supervision of moving areas through the second week of school.
-We will be ready with inclement weather options of cover with our playshed, the covered area outside Mrs. Crandall’s room, and the glass side of the cafeteria if needed.
La Center Elementary Talent Show Group Photo
La Center Elementary Talent Show
We've got talent!!
Author Joyce Magnin Visits La Center
Author Joyce Magnin Visits La Center
Hearing the story right from the source!
Administrative Assistants Day 2017
Administrative Assistants Day 2017
We take care of our own!
Bobcat Walk-Run
Bobcat Walk-Run
Celebrating the completion of a hard-earned goal!
Science Fair
Science Fair
Assorted pictures from this year's amazing Science Fair!
PTO Birthday Books
PTO Birthday Books
LC PTO gives away books to students on their birthdays!
2016 Holiday Choir
Holiday Choir
Singing to celebrate the holidays!
First Grade Reading Buddies
First Grade Reading Buddies
At La Center, we help each other!
Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad
It's never too early to start doing science!
Spirit Week
Spirit Week
The Bobcats have no shortage of spirit!
2016-17 Honor Choir
Honor Choir
They've got a lot to sing about!

Elementary School Attendance Line

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Alanko, Karen (5th)LINK
Bucklin, Rob (K-5 PE)LINK
Buhrmester, Nancy (1st)LINK
Collins, Michelle (4th)LINK
Cooke, Lynette (K-12 Media Specialist)LINK
Cooper, Megan (1st)LINK
Denney, Kate (5th)LINK
Englund, Lois (1st)LINK
Hall, Greg (4th-5th)LINK
Hancock, Joni (2nd)LINK
Johnson, Colleen (Kindergarten)LINK
Lepak, Butch (4th)LINK
Lewis, Andrea (Art Specialist)LINK
Lindblom, Lynette (Kindergarten)LINK
McKay, Brenda (Music)LINK
Persic, Rita (1st)LINK
Poppert, Peter (3rd)LINK
Reser, Treasha (1st-2nd PE)LINK
Sloniker, Pete (5th)LINK
Tomberlin, Laura (2nd)LINK
Warren, Shannon (3rd)LINK
Welcome Letter from Scott Lincoln, Principal

Greetings, We are pleased to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year and look forward to working with you to support our students.

Things have been happening here at school. We have had some fun learning experiences and tie dye with our Kindy Cub Camp. Staff have been planning, getting classrooms ready, and participating in learning opportunities. Wonderful volunteers have worked to support families by gaining and providing numerous backpacks and school supplies to students. There has also been a great deal of work preparing rooms and setting up for our new art and music programs.

We continue our efforts to support and improve upon our school-wide behavior support program. This will include school-wide efforts to support our students utilizing the brain-based “MindUp” social and problem-solving skills program. We will continue working with our expectations posters throughout the campus, participating in our Behavior Fairs, handing out Bobcat Coins for acts of respect, utilizing our Resolution Rooms to support our students in positive relations, participating in monthly school-wide behavior celebrations, and opening our Bobcat Stores for students to purchase fun items with their earned Bobcat Bucks. We have also been so lucky as to be able to hire a second great counselor to further support our students. You will find some more basics in our Parent and Student Handbooks, and learn more through reading, signing, and returning our La Center School Collaborative Agreement.

There have been some staff changes preparing for the school year. They are as follows:

– Kris McKinney -3rd grade

-Dave Williams -SpEd 3-5 resource

-Scott Holt -5th grade

-Brian Terletzky -Psychologist

-Tammy Karchesky -3-5 counselor

-Jasmine Stohr -Speech

-Amy Wise -.5 PE

-Nicole Blystone -SpEd behavior support

-Alicia Flanigan -SpEd life skills

-Megan Bright -2nd grade

-Teri Schlenz -4th grade

-Kathy Griffith -Library teacher

-Derek Neiman -ASK director

Our parents and families have been and always will be critical to our students’ success. There are many ways you can help out. One of the best ways is to talk with your children about school each day to show support and that we are all working on our learning together. We will have many opportunities for you to support us at school. These can be such experiences as participating in our recess program, our Bobcat Walk/Run later in September, our Bike Fair in May, our student landscaping club, and our Bobcat Stores that will open quarterly (monthly for 4th & 5th grades). You can join us for class presentations, student performances and our evening and weekend activities are fun to attend. And, of course, we can always utilize the efforts of our great volunteers. Some help weekly in such ways as helping out in classrooms or helping with our Read Naturally program. Some do not have as much time available and help us when they can, like through joining us on field trips and our classroom celebrations. There are numerous ways to help out and many do not require a great deal of time to make a difference in our students’ lives. Just let us know and we can find opportunities that fit.

We look forward to seeing what we can do to support our students and learning community during the 2017-2018 school year. Working together, this will be a great year for our learners.


Scott Lincoln