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La Center Activities & Athletics

Full Listing of Extra-Curricular Activities (Clubs & Sports)

Turn to Landscape if using a phone, this is a large spreadsheet that includes costs/fees.  NOTE: There are 2 sheets, one for clubs, one for sports. 

Activities & Athletics Facebook Pages

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Sportsmanship, integrity, unity, and passion…these are the pillars of Athletics and Activities in the La Center School District. All of our student-athletes should possess these character traits in order to have a successful experience representing the Wildcats and Hawks in competition with other schools. When students choose to participate in extra-curricular activities in La Center, they are creating more opportunities for learning to occur. Our coaches and advisers provide our students with these opportunities in various ways throughout the year:

High School Opportunities

Fall:  Football, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Boys Golf, Football Cheer
Winter:  Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys & Girls Basketball, Equestrian Team, Dance, Basketball Cheer, Chess Team, and Knowledge Bowl Team
Spring:  Boys Soccer, Girls Golf, Softball, Baseball, Boys and Girls Track & Field
Year-Round:  FBLA, Yearbook, Science Club, Honor Society, Weights Club, and Leo’s Club

Middle School Opportunities

Fall:   Football, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country
Winter:  Boys and Girls Wrestling, Boys and Girls Basketball, Knowledge Bowl
Spring:  Boys and Girls Track & Field
Year-Round:  Yearbook, Math is Cool

Thank you for your support in these sports and activities to give our students ways to contribute to our great High School and Middle School.

Matt Cooke
Director of Athletics & Extra-Curricular Activities

LCHS Girls Soccer

LCHS Swim Team

La Center Unified Basketball Team

La Center Boys Basketball Team

La Center Boys Basketball Team

La Center Chess Team

La Center Boys and Girls Cross Country

LCHS Equestrian Team

La Center Football

La Center Softball Team

LCHS Track and Field

LCHS Track and Field